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Looking for an Extra Battery?

Here you can choose from our Sealed Automatic Batteries or Manual batteries without having to go to each product page!

Read the description for differences between Manual & Sealed Automatic Batteries!

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Looking for an Extra Volt Battery? Here you can choose from our Sealed Automatic Batteries or Manual batteries without having to go to each product page! Sealed Automatic Batteries These types of batteries activate when you draw on the cartridge. This is the best solution for the person that wants to simulate using a cigarette as much as possible! We designed these batteries to solve one of the biggest issues with automatic batteries. This style of battery helps prevent liquid getting down inside the battery and causing the switch to stop working. Manual Batteries This type of battery is activated when you press the button. This is for the person that wants to have a bit more control over your vaping experience. The connection in these types of batteries are completely sealed and prevents liquid from getting inside of the battery. 300 charging cycles Regulated 3.6 volts 5-7 second cuttoff time Logo VOLT Battery width 9mm Silver Battery threading Other Electronic Cigarette Batteries are as low as 150mAh! Enjoy longer battery life with the VOLT! All of our autos are "sealed/drip resistant automatics" (Smokeless Image was the innovator of this technology). The differences as outlined in the video above between the VOLT Sealed Automatics and the VOLT Manual batteries are as follows: VOLT Sealed Automatics: You just have to inhale to get vapor. They are resistant to nicquid (eliquid) getting inside but are not eliquid proof. VOLT Manual Batteries: You have to press a button to get vapor but they are completely nicquid (eliquid) proof. The determining factor of which battery is best for you is if you plan on refilling your carotmizers or not, and what amount of caution you want to take when you do. Nicquid (e-liquid) in a battery will void the warranty. Cleaning and maintenance of your VOLT batteries is VERY important to keep your VOLT like new! Here is a demonstration video of proper VOLT battery care:

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