Battery Wraps

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X2 - 65mm - 78mm - ALL SIZE BATTERIES
Looking for something that is a little different? Check out these unique patterns on our ALL NEW Battery and Cartomizer Wraps! Each pattern set for the 65mm & 78mm batteries includes 1 battery wrap and 5 matching cartomizer wraps! Each pattern set for the X2 batteries includes 1 battery wrap and 1 matching cone wrap!! They are a fun way to express yourself beyond our VOLT colors. They are also a great way to dress up any older batteries you have that you may have gotten tired of the color or are showing some wear and tear.

Each 65mm and 78mm Wrap Pack Contains:
5x Cartomizer Wraps
1x Battery Wrap

Each X2 Wrap Pack Contains:
1x Cone Wrap
1x Battery Wrap

Make sure to read below on how to apply your Battery wrap!

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Please Note: These do not contain holes in the skins for manual batteries, and the application of the battery wraps may make a snug fit in the PCC. How to Apply Skin to your Volt Make sure your battery is clean from any residue. Remove the skin from the backing and place upside down on a clean smooth surface. Place the battery in the center of the skin and as straight as possible. With gentle pressure, roll the battery to one end. Inspect the battery before rolling to the other side. If it is crooked, gently peel it back evenly and repeat. When it is straight, place the back down on a smooth surface or with your thumbs. Finish rolling the skin around the battery. Apply pressure to the seam to seal the skin to your battery.

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