Cartomizer Wraps

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All NEW 5 pack cartomizer Wraps! So many wraps so many functions! Check out the new 5 pack of White wraps with the ability to write your flavor right on the cartomizer, or the Multi Color 5 pack (blue, yellow, red, green and blue) which makes an easy way to tell your flavors apart or match them with your current battery colors. We are also introducing a Classic Cigarette style cartomizer wrap so you can get that familiar white with yellow filter look you are seeking! You can also buy additional pattern cartomizer wraps here to match your battery wrap patterns for new cartomizers!

Each Wrap Pack Contains:
5x Cartomizer Wraps

Make sure to read below on how to apply your Battery wrap!

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NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the black sticker from the cartomizer to apply these. They can be applied right over the black cartomizer. They may cause a snug fit in our VOLT PCC Slider and VOLT Mega PCC V2 but they do cause a snug fit. How to Apply Skin to your Cartomizer Make sure your cartomizer is clean from any residue. Remove the skin from the backing and place upside down on a clean smooth surface. Place the cartomizer in the center of the skin and as straight as possible. With gentle pressure, roll the cartomizer to one end. Inspect the cartomizer before rolling to the other side. If it is crooked, gently peel it back evenly and repeat. When it is straight, place the back down on a smooth surface or with your thumbs. Finish rolling the skin around the cartomizer. Apply pressure to the seam to seal the skin to your cartomizer.

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