These are 30ml bottles of Refill Liquid for Volt Cartomizer!

Video of How to Refill the Volt Cartomizers by the Lovely Steeljan!

  1. Cinna Goo

    Cinna Goo

    Imagine unrolling the biggest, gooiest cinnamon roll of your life, scooping out all of that cinnamon-sugar goodness. Cinna Goo is the warm and sticky insides without all the filler.

    Bottle Size: 30ml Learn More
  2. La Costa

    La Costa

    La Costa was dreamed up by sitting along side the ocean and watching the waves. This prickly pear mojito has a little bit of lime zest which truly sets it off.

    Bottle Size: 60ml Learn More
  3. Desert Sun

    Desert Sun

    Desert sun is a delicious citrus gummy candy flavor that is sure to leave your taste buds excited!

    Bottle Size: 60ml Learn More
  4. NicQuid - Quick Pick

    NicQuid - Quick Pick

    Know which flavor and size you are looking for in our NicQuid line? Quickly select what you need without going through all the pages! Learn More