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Great clearo! Review by Gary
Just received my mini clearos today. Opened them up and gave it a try. Very good vape. I've been a user of another well known brand and these are twice the unit of the other brand. Very happy I tried these! Will definitely be a continued customer! (Posted on 9/15/2017)
Absolutely superb vape.. Review by Teddy
These are outstanding. The throat hit and vapour level for such a small device is hilarious (in a good way - mini clouds lol) - especially when paired to a 3.6 v passthrough mini battery. In fact, that vape is so good, that if you have a 1.5 amp usb power source near by, run and buy yourself the small volt passthrough battery and a bunch of mini tanks.. it is the best vape you will get outside of going to a big box mod. It's also the best vape you will ever get from something in the "cig a like" shape. These also work well on X2 passthrough batteries. You don't need a spinner for these as the 3.6 volts is just right for a perfect vape with any juice.

These NEVER leak, are easy to clean (just remove tip and rubber seal, rinse all, put water inside tank, and cover with finger and shake, empty, repeat, till wicks are white again, let dry overnight). If you are using only one juice per tank then you don't really need to clean them, and the coils last for ages.. this little $3 tank will taste good sometimes for weeks! It just depends on how thick the juice is and how much you vape but at minimum you should get over a week each one before you need to toss it. If you are using an uber thick vg juice, even if you stick to the one juice per tank, it still makes sense to give them a quick clean every few days.

The draw is great, not airy not tight at all, just feels natural and easy - I love vaping them! I wish they had 1.2 ml, that would have been the sweet spot and they only would have been ever so slightly longer, but you can carry a couple around with you safely, or buy one of those keychain e juice metal bottles that you can find on the web to safely carry juice in your pocket.

These are identical to Halo's mini clearos. Same ohms. Same thread. Same fill size. But I ordered a bunch from halo and not one was dead. However, Halo's are 25% more expensive which really adds up. That's the only bad news here.... that i got a couple DOA's already out of only 8 I have received so far. I can't complain cause smokeless image customer service gave me the amount in points within 24 hrs, they have outstanding customer care, but I was just pointing it out that that happened to me. It's quite possible it was an anomaly and I won't ever get a DOA one again, who knows.. .

Overall, highly recommended!

(Posted on 6/27/2015)
Lomger Wicks Review by kathleen b
I think these little clearos are great, the only thing that would make them better, imo, would be longer wicks so u can vape longer without refilling :-) (Posted on 5/25/2015)
I'm hooked... Review by Andy - Perth, Western Australia
I have been using the Volt 65mm battery and standard cartomizers and was pretty happy with them, butI found the level of vapor diminished quickly... Recently got a few of these little gems (clearomizers) and they fit the Volt 65mm battery perfectly and produce heaps of vapor! I fill it up in the morning and vape frequently throughout the day. Simply brilliant... Half the people I work with are now going to order them. (Posted on 3/10/2015)
Love these so much! Review by Candice
I'm so used to the cartomizer, but just wanted to try something new, and so got a couple of these but also got a pack of cartos just in case I hated it...no need since I love every single thing about these clearomizers! I love the colours, the flavor of my vape juices are immensely better, they are easy to fill, and no leaks. I've washed in hot water to refill with a new flavor...worked perfect. Have dropped it..no damage, and they look simply elegant. I can't say a single bad thing about these! (Posted on 2/7/2015)
I love them! Review by LESLIE
I didn't want an bulky tank and this suited my needs i will be buying more please keep them in stock and in more colors im still a newbie, when i ordered my battery i forgot to buy a battery charger for it ,im glad you ship so well or i would have suffered for it. your shipping is on point thank you. (Posted on 1/29/2015)
Love These Review by Catherine M
I had bought some other clearomizers from another site and the were awful. You HAD to use a syringe to fill them and they leaked all over. SI had the same thing but has stopped selling them due to the same fact that they leaked all the time. Kuto's to you SI. These I have had no problem whatsoever with and glad I got them. I ordered a bunch more on Black Friday and now I have a good supply for awhile but when that supply gets low I will be back for more. They also have a good price on these compared to elsewhere I have looked. I would suggest these in a minute.
(Posted on 12/5/2014)
A whole new level Review by Mark
I'm so glad I got these (4). I'm new to vaping and was happy with the standard cartomizers I used with my 65mm volt batteries unit I filled one of these and took my 1st hit..WOW!!! If your like I was and only use the standard cartomizers, get these. Had I know they were going to be this good I would have ordered more. (Posted on 10/2/2014)
love it Review by nessavig
I use these with my x2 batteries... sometime with my smaller bats if in a pinch... they are super easy to fill and last me about 1/3 of a 30'ml bottle... great hit and vapor... I've actually rinsed them with water and let them dry for a day because I put the wrong juice in (nasty grape flavor) and there was no hint of the gross... I love using them with my x2.. I also have the ,long cone for my x2... these didn't fit through BUT with a little elbow grease and sandpaper... I filed the cone down so these fit... making it perfect to sit in my pocket.. fly off countertops unharmed.. I'm not into big bulky setups so these little guys with my x2 and cone get me through the day... I use the plastic patronized case to hold a 2 of these filled... never a leak... ever. I tries those banks 8months ago and all they did was leak nd taste like plastic, I hope they changed that design by now.. but I'm a creature of habit and these have never failed me. (Posted on 8/2/2014)
I was very happy with these, they were my favorite but they have not been in stock the past two months I have gone to place an order, it is ordering time and I ended up just going to Walmart and picking up some mistic cartos since they fit and using those to get me through until I can find somewhere else that carries these. Hands down my favorite and I am not willing to go bigger because I don't want to carry a freakin box with me hehehe Please email me when these are in stock again and I will come back
(Posted on 6/28/2014)

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