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Perfect! Review by Tim
In one word.... PERFECT... but in more words....

I was one of the crowd who practically begged SI to get a box mod like this, because I knew their version would be superior in quality and performance. SI doesn't mess around, they really, really want to be the best. Not only did they listen to their fans, but they went above and beyond to make sure the MVP was built like a rock. On top of that, it's a portable power source too!!! I'm so happy about this I'm trying to hold back tears. The MVP 2.0 is outstanding, guys. It's the most perfect thing in my collection. I still catch myself admiring it's construction. I really, really do appreciate it's design.

I'm also thrilled about how long the battery lasts (all day for me), and it's easy to operate, it's easy setting the voltage/wattage, and it's ability to check the resistance health of the atomizer coil, which also helps in choosing a proper setting. So big thumbs up there too. All of this makes it a gadget dream come true.

I'm also here to vouch for it's toughness. I'm a clumsy sleepy person, so I tend to drop things. I've dropped it about 9 times already onto a hard wood floor from a distance of around 2 feet. The noise wakes me up, and I'm like "Ohhh Nooo", but I pick it up and it still works perfectly. So thanks for making it tough enough to survive me.

I don't really care for the iClear tanks that came with it (not compatible with my habits), but I'll use them anyway until I burn them out. But, the T3 tanks work fantastic on it, so I'm really happy about that.

... and I have to ask this... What's your next big project SI? Whatever it is, it's got to be good coming from you guys.
(Posted on 2/5/15)
Smokeless Image has yet to fail me. Review by Zak
I made the mistake of buying a kit from a local dealer.. Not only was it much more expensive than the MVP, of course, it crapped out after about a month. The X2 passthrough and Spinner that I bought from SI are still going strong. Now, I've got a new beast in my collection and so far, so good. (Posted on 1/22/15)
very good Review by Robert
I mostly use the mvp at home because of its size. It's just easier to carry a spinner when I go out. The battery life is excellent, lasts a long time. (Posted on 7/31/14)
I LOVE IT! Review by Audra
This is by far the happiest I have been with any product on the market that I have personally tried thus far. I haven't had any problems with it or my clearos at all. It lasts so much longer and loving the green/yellow/red lights so you know when it's getting close to charge time. Great hits every time. I'm also a big fan of the size, I have lost so many batteries I lost count, so the size works really good for me because it's a lot harder to lose. Great job SI you're new products are making vaping easier, affordable, and my favorite, great customer service!!!! (Posted on 3/30/14)
Love it! Review by Mdisco57
I am very happy with my SI MVP! I have no problem with the weight and feel of the box, I actually feel like I have a good grip on it. I like where the activation button is placed, I use either my index finger or thumb without much effort. I like VV/VW features so I can fine tune my vape. I have the black MVP and it l looks and pairs nicely with my stainless steel ET! I am very happy with this purchase! Thanks SI for providing the MVP for your customers, I appreciate your efforts! (Posted on 3/12/14)
This thing is a beast Review by Glenn Matteson
The first thing you notice - it's big and heavy. Yes it will fit in a shirt pocket, but only just. So if you're looking for inconspicuous you'd be better off with a 650mah X2 or Spinner. But for home use, or in the company of folks who aren't offended by your vaping then this thing is perfect. You'll need to spend a few minutes going over the instruction pamphlet in order to use it properly but once that's done it's fairly easy to use. It's variable voltage so if you want maximum performance from a clearo or cartridge this will do the job better than anything else SI has to offer. And it will last a LONG time before you need to recharge even if you vape heavily. It's solid, feels like it's well built. Colors are subdued, not flashy. And while a lot of mods look like some kind of freakish telescope or flashlight, this is just a simple box - more or less the same size and shape as a pack of traditional cigarettes. (Posted on 12/27/13)
Just Awesome! Review by Jesse
The iTazte MVP 2.0 is mind blowing. Come fully charged, with everything you need to get started. The Clearomizer's that come with it (the iClear 16) are the best clearomizers i have yet to use. They are great! and they have replaceable coils, which is great. The VV/VW settings are very easy to use and really are the best way to get the Vape just how you like it. I don't think I will ever go back to a non-variable mod. Like other's have said, it is quite hefty. But I like that, and it isn't much heavier than some of the larger smart phones out there. Speaking of which, you can charge anything that is USB compatible with this thing, which is an awesome option to have. I highly recommend this product. 5-Stars! (Posted on 12/21/13)
MVP is SI's MVP Review by Anthony
Let me preface by saying I use only T3 normal and T3 minis on this device. That being said, the MVP outperforms any other battery available on this site. I was accustomed to using manual Spinners and X2s until I got this baby. Now, I will only use those batteries when I go out... since I'm not comfortable wielding the MVP in a social setting due to its look. However, at home, the office, car, cruise ships, casinos etc... this baby is a beast. My T3 coils, with NicQuids Peach and Strawberry Fuzz, NEVER get warm. I'm using 3.6volts and the lowest wattage setting. My T3s seem to be lasting through many many fills now, whereas with my other batteries I notice them getting very hot after 2-3 draws (meaning I would need to give them a break to avoid burnout). The MVP also lasts an exceptionally long time on a full charge. I feel like I've finally found a solution to all of my cartomizer burnout/battery dieing problems. MVP, I salute you. (as a frame of reference, I spent 254 volt points a few months ago and now have 185ish volt points.... so I've been using SI for quite a while and have been a diligent and loyal customer). Viva la MVP! (Posted on 12/2/13)
Best Mod Smokeless Image has to offer Review by Wingnut9509
Have had the MVP for a while now and it is by far the best ecig on the site!!! Yes it is a little bulky but fits comfortably in your hand! It has 3 levels indicating your battery status: Green, yellow, red. Green means battery is full or close to full. Yellow means half dead but still has a lot of kick left in it. Red means you better hurry up and get me home and charge me up because Im about to die in the next 30 minutes. Each time you press the button it lights up the button with the color. Also has a puff counter which Believe it or not I was on yellow and I had taken over 900 puffs on the thing and the MVP was still going. My draws are on average 5 seconds long.( it doesn't tell you that but I know) BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE!!! there is a usb port on the battery to where you can charge your phone or ipod and vape at the same time!!! I could hardly believe it so I tried it and it hardly made a dent in my battery life of my MVP!!! I Strongly suggest everyone to get one of these!! Definitely not going to be a waste of your money!!! (Posted on 11/30/13)
awesome "box mod"! Review by bassman
The iTazte MVP2 is one of the most desired pieces of ecig gear out there. Now it's compatible with my drawer full of X2 clearos! I am getting good use out of all of the adjustment and display settings. Since I do a lot of work from home, I get to sit back and vape a lot; I got the MVP in the mail from SI about 60hrs ago, and, after loads of vaping, I'm still on the 1st charge from the factory. The battery meter is still reading 3.9, which is amazing. (Posted on 11/23/13)

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