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1ST One lasted almost 2 years Review by Icemanxxxv
I will recomend this unit I really liked mine until it finally gave up the ghost after nearly 2 years of heavy use. Be aware that there is no avenue for replacement batteries! Ypu can not go on line and find a compatible battery I tried! When my battery did die Smokless image sent me a replacement. After two years of abuse the charge connector broke out of the case. I was still able to use it but it's time for a new one. I'm ordering it today! That says something doesn't it? (Posted on 11/30/2013)
THE MEGA CHARGING CASE Review by michael
the case when i got it it didnt work. it didnt charge a battery.BUTTTT.i have to say BUTTT. i have tried the premium brand e-cig, a joke. then i tride the so called number one rated e-cig pro smoke and if u close ur eyes when taking a hit you would never know. i then tride the altinacig from all the infomercials and garbadge.. smokeless image..volt....has finally DONE IT. i have more vapor with the volt. exe. the 555. and ... i know everyone reads these and says..ya ya ya ... the throught hit is what i thought i would never take time to do the best. ill ... hit my volt. and WWWOOOWWW. THEY FINALLY DONE friends make fun of me untill they take a toke...ang give a little cough,,,lol...and i can do that. sweat... (Posted on 5/28/2013)
great with some DIY tweaks Review by Mitchell
got this with my starter kit. perfect for carrying throughout the day in case you want to switch flavors or need to recharge your mini batts throughout the day. Had two issues though. 1) Its hard to get a 65 batt with a carto on it out of its slot. solved this by taking two pieces of scotch tape and sticking them sticky sides together but leaving one end longer with the sticky still exposed. stuck that end to the black hinge on the right side of the case and use it like a ribbon to lift the batt out of the slot. 2) the flexibility of the cover allows the button to be pressed even when closed. solved it by putting a small piece of 2 sided tape to the right of the button and sticking a 1 cm piece of rubber band on it to keep the cover from flexing enough to hit the button (Posted on 3/11/2013)
Problem when using the 1.5A adapter? Review by dymrip
Has anyone else had a problem getting the PCC case to charge when connected to the 1.5A wall adapter?

When I use the regular adapter it charges fine (yet slowly, usually takes overnight), but when I connect this thing to my new 1.5A wall adapter the PCC actually drains power until the case has no charge left at all.

The 1.5A adapter seems to work fine for all other purposes, so I really don't think the adapter is faulty.

Other than that, I love my PCC case and my new 1.5A wall adapter, just wish I could use them together so my PCC case charged quicker. (Posted on 12/11/2012)
Great for Travel!! Review by Michael
I recently took this with me on vacation and it was perfect to carry around all day, as it allowed me to charge a 65mm battery, while storing another 65mm battery with carto attached. In the spare slots, I kept two cartomizers and one rubber SI comfort tip. (rather than using all three slots to hold cartomizers). The version I chose was the "gray lid" option. It's more of a translucent black, or smoky gray, in my opinion; much nicer than it looks in the picture.

Some minor criticisms, however:
1) My manual refers only to the original PCC, not the Mega. Similar in operation, but not quite in regards to the charging bars/meter.
2) The recharge meter (blue for case power, red for ecig battery recharge level) seems almost random. I can never really tell how much charge the case or battery has left; however, when the light goes out, I know it's fully charged, so that's enough. (ie. Charge is complete when the blue light goes out on the case, or the LED on the ecig battery goes out).
3) the case lid is somewhat thin, to the point of being flexible. If the case is stored in a certain way (e.g. tight pants pocket, crowded purse or the SI PCC Carrying Sleeve) it will bend the lid and actually press down on the recharge button. If the recharge button was shorter, or recessed, or if the lid was sturdier, that problem would be alleviated. I've taken care not to store it in such a way, but I did buy the PCC carrying sleeve for this, and the tight fit caused it to be unusable, as it would keep the recharge button constantly pressed in. Still, a minor problem.

Overall, it's great and very handy. It charges my 65mm batteries quickly, and the case itself holds a good charge. I use it daily around the house, or when I'm out for the day, and it's absolutely essential for taking on vacation! (Posted on 9/13/2012)
A must have! Review by Karen
Thank you so much for replacing this for me! It's a must have while traveling! SI's Customer service Rocks! (Posted on 7/26/2012)
Pretty good but a few problems Review by Kris
Over all its okay but aside from the fore mentioned probelms with getting 78mm batteris out i have a few problems. First off the battery door it was almost impossible to slide on and once i get it on it bulges out in the center. Secondly i dont know if i my have gotten faulty one or not but the metal piece the charging batterry screws into feels flimsy and if accidentlly wiggled during charging my volt battery, it will sometimes say no battery is connected and stop charging. The battery meter always show full charge on both the pack and volt battery even if either one is almost dead and on one of my volt batteries it wont charge it and the led on the volt just flickers constantly maybe as i said mine is just faulty but i hate how i spent so much on something so seemingly cheap made especially since everything else i have from smokeless image is usually such high quality
And once again if this isnt common and mine is just faulty i appologize and will rerevie when i get a new one (Posted on 6/11/2012)
how many of you have gotten bad ones? Review by Phillip
i ordered this with my starter kit in febuary, by march, the battery would no longer take a charge. they replaced it under warrenty. a month later, same problem. everything is telling me not to buy another one. but nothing else made holds both batteries and extra carto's. what happened to the one they used to make that was a little bigger and held 10 carto's? i see all thies good reviews so why am i getting bad ones? even with all the good reviews, i cant reccomend something that i continue to get bad results from. whats up with that smokeless image? (Posted on 5/6/2012)
Very Nice Case Review by Kim
I like this case. Once fully charged, I can charge at least 4 of my 78 batteries before needing to recharge the case. Even though there is enough charge left for another battery or two, I like to recharge the case at that point so I don't have to worry in a pinch.

There can be an issue for some because of how closely the 78 fits in the battery troughs, but I don't consider this to be a deal breaker in any way. I can slip the edge of my fingernail in to help lift the battery, if needed, but I don't usually have a problem. What is curious to me, though, is it almost seems like the troughs are somehow magnetized, as my batteries don't slip and slide around much. Maybe it is just a really good fit for the batteries. Nonetheless, I like it.

With three troughs or trays for extra carts - with rubber sleeves - It has turned into an essential accessory to keep with me at all times. I purchased a neoprene sleeve from SI to protect it, and the case with two batteries and three carts go with me everywhere. TSA didn't bat an eye at it when it was properly packed in my airline carry on, either. (All small electronics packed "off" in their carry cases neatly in a zip locked bag along with any extra chargers, and placed under the spare pair of shoes which are always on top of the other bag contents - with the exception of the liquids zip lock bag which is taken out and scanned separately at the security checkpoint. = SI customer tip of the day.) (Posted on 4/4/2012)
good choice Review by Brent
Very convenient and nice touch to be able to hold a fully assembled one and one on charge. With the addition of holding 3 cartridges it really allows you to walk out the door with no concerns that you will be covered for a day or 2. Only warning is that when you put the battery in when assembling it, make sure you move it towards the contacts and get it off the ledge in the battery compartment so that you don't break the lid clips. (Posted on 3/19/2012)

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