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Ok Review by reviewer1366
This is an OK product. Ultimately, it does its job. However, It feels cheaply made (thin, brittle plastic for the cover). And is a little overpriced at $30 because of that. I can only assume they are charging $30 due to the fact it uses a cell phone type battery. I don't know what batteries other companies use, but I've gotten the same amount of charges with other brands and their cases were cheaper.

I've used several E cig brands over the last few years (blu and volcano-back when the 3 piece system was standard), V2, prosmoke, and premium to name a few. V2 has a similar case like this one and it's sturdier built.

I've always liked blu's and volcano's cigarette pack style pcc's better. They can charge a battery, hold another battery and hold cartomizers...

I'm content with Smokeless Image's pcc, but I think it could use some upgrades and final touches. (Posted on 4/23/13)
Good case if you want some slim.. but can't recommend. Review by Yokymo
First let me say after a couple days, i actually do like the case for my purpose. Its slim and fits in my pocket nicely. It is slim, and the fact that it holds a fully assembled and a charged battery is very nice. Outside that is where the issues lie.

My problems with it:
1) Flimsy. I fear that one day this will be in my pocket and break or the sliding door will pop off in moderate to heavy usage.

2) No spot to hold extra cartos. If you are a light vaperer you will be ok, but if you are moderate to heavy you will want the XL case. This case does not have the extra room for extra cartos.

Other then those couple of issues and after a couple days of having it, i am sastisfied with it but if I knew then what i knew now, i would of gotten the XL in my starter kit. (Posted on 12/20/12)
Go back to re-designing this one. Review by Julie D.
We got this to use for traveling. For the first three months it worked great. I am not sure why, but even though the case reads fully charged, it is not working to tr-charge our batteries. I am slightly disappointed, as we have given our usb charger to a new vaper. We have no way to charge our batteries. I don't know if my manual battery is the problem, or the case, but I have had a battery in the case over a week and still not charged. I have had excellent service with the company, but I have to send two batteries and the case back again. I am really sorry, but I CAN NOT recommend this case. Three months is just not enough to justify spending thirty dollars. I hate giving a negative review, but this has been a headache! It's going back, again. (Posted on 7/31/12)
Great Idea Review by StrongPimpHand
Great idea and comes in handy... IMO it is a bit flimsy. I am an Iron worker and I feel if I throw this in my bolt bag it would be destroyed by days end.... but If I'm out running errands or at the bar its actually pretty cool and Is a nice little conversation piece (Posted on 5/21/12)
Not Bad Review by Ben
Not too bad a bit flimsy but handy if your out and about (Posted on 2/23/12)
OUTSTANDING!! Review by Jonathan
Outstanding product. I love the fact that it's nearly the size of a regular pack of smokes without having to worry about crushing anything. Also a very stylish accessory to any evening. (Posted on 2/15/12)
It broke. Review by DadGeek
The hinged jack you plug the battery into came off its mount after typical use. I only get two charges out of it. Build quality is poor. Sending the broken one in for repair. (Posted on 2/5/12)
Serves its purpose. Review by GIna
I bought this after losing my usb charger after christmas. It does what I need it to do. And I believe the instructions say it can recharge a batter UP TO 4 times depending on size of battery. I like the fact that the battery tip stays lit until it is charged so that I can check it at a glance. My volt logo only stays lit when I am charging the case itself otherwise it shuts off to conserve batter power. A bit pricey but like I said it serves it purpose. And I keep coming back to SI because I cannot live without that 555 liquid! (Posted on 1/13/12)
Works Wonderfully Review by Megan
I received this PCC with the Pro Starter Kit. I am happy it was included with the kit because this price is very high, especially since I have seen the same product on another site sell for around 13$. I do like this product. I find it very useful and it charges my batteries super fast. I wonder how anyone who doesn't have one gets by, because this makes the whole everyday vaping experience so much easier. The only thing I don't like is that my fully assembled 78mm battery can not fit in the upper portion of this case. This case has a beautiful surface that is shiny black. Just remember to peel off the plastic that covers it when you receive it. It may take a bit of picking but once removed it is stunning. (Posted on 12/30/11)
Okay For It's Purpose Review by Tim
This PCC will serve it's purpose, but it's not that great for an experienced vaper. - First of all, it really shouldn't be called a PCC. It's more like a PC-little squirt (Portable Charger - that wasn't really designed for cartomizer storage). However, you can have either a 65mm or 78mm battery in the charging bay, and 2 cartomizers without the condom caps in the upper trough. So it would be good enough to go out for a few hours away from home, which is it's intended purpose. - The blue backlit VOLT logo is pretty and eye catching, but it's a waste of power on this device. - It takes 2 hours to charge a fully drained 220 mah Volt-brand battery and it can only fully charge those 2 times (not 4 times, somebody forgot to factor in the power theft caused by the battery's LED staying on during the charge. If the manufacturer would disable that LED during the charge, it probably will charge a 220 mah 3.5 times [still not 4]... hint hint... and probably will knock off some charge time by 30 or 40 minutes... hint hint again) - It only has a 1000 mah Li-Po battery, which only 80% of that will be used, so the capacity is really only 800 mah. - The good news is it will let you know if the last charge failed by showing a blinking single bar on the LCD display on the right. This indicates there wasn't enough power in the pack to complete the last charge. - It probably sounds like I'm poo-pooing this PCC. So to be fair, I can tell you this... It performs better than the old XL-PCC charger they used to offer on here. - Suggestions = Disable E-cig battery LED during a charge. Totally loose the backlit Volt logo and just make it a 3D hologram. Increase onboard battery pack to at least 1500 mah. Merge this unit's technology with the XL-PCC case design, but DO NOT allow dual charging (that would be another mistake). (Posted on 11/29/11)

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