1. VOLT Battery Select

    VOLT Battery Select

    Looking for an Extra Battery? Here you can choose from our Sealed Automatic Batteries or Manual batteries without having to go to each product page! Read the description for differences between Manual & Sealed Automatic Batteries! Learn More
  2. Battery Wraps

    Battery Wraps

    X2 - 65mm - 78mm - ALL SIZE BATTERIES Looking for something that is a little different? Check out these unique patterns on our ALL NEW Battery and Cartomizer Wraps! Each pattern set for the 65mm & 78mm batteries includes 1 battery wrap and 5 matching cartomizer wraps! Each pattern set for the X2 batteries includes 1 battery wrap and 1 matching cone wrap!! They are a fun way to express yourself beyond our VOLT colors. They are also a great way to dress up any older batteries you have that you may have gotten tired of the color or are showing some wear and tear. Each 65mm and 78mm Wrap Pack Contains: 5x Cartomizer Wraps 1x Battery Wrap Each X2 Wrap Pack Contains: 1x Cone Wrap 1x Battery Wrap Make sure to read below on how to apply your Battery wrap! Learn More
  3. Diamond Battery End Caps

    Diamond Battery End Caps

    Dress up your battery with a little "bling". All NEW removable Diamond LED end caps. They make your batteries LED light sparkle and shine. Includes 1x Diamond Battery Cap. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1.99

    Special Price $0.99

  4. VOLT Lanyard (X2/65mm/78mm)

    VOLT Lanyard (X2/65mm/78mm)

    The newest hands free way to carry your VOLT! Capable of carrying all of our battery sizes! Even a VOLT x2 and a VOLT standard 65mm or 78mm at the same time! Available in 7 colors. Just hang your VOLT around your neck with one of these lanyards and you are now hands free all day! Learn More
  5. Volt Carrying Case

    Volt Carrying Case

    The VOLT carrying case is the perfect way to store and keep your VOLT ecig equipment organized and handy, whether on the go or around the house! Made out of EVA materials. Available in black with black, blue or purple detailing. Pocket Friendly size! (120*80*30mm) Learn More

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price $8.59