1. 555 - Cartomizers (5pk)

    555 - Cartomizers (5pk)

    The taste of the 555 is one of the more popular choices when it comes to tobacco flavors. You’ll enjoy the sweet tobacco flavor of 555 whether you’re sipping your morning cup on your patio watching the sunrise or cuddled up by the fireplace for a long quiet night. Slightly sweet with nutty undertones this delightful flavor definitely hits the spot. If you’re not careful 555 may just turn into your all day, every day! FIVE Volt Cartomizers - 555 Learn More
  2. Blank - No Liquid - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Blank - No Liquid - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Our blanks are a clean slate. Want to experiment with different e-liquids? Our high performance blanks let you fill them with your favorite juices! (just make sure to never fill them on an automatic battery) FIVE Volt Cartomizers - No Liquid! Available in Black or Stainless Steel and in Regular and XL sizes: - Regular size is 35mm long and holds 1ml of nicquid. - XL size is 50mm long and holds 1.4ml of nicquid. Please Note: The XL Blank Cartomizers may have a slightly tighter draw than the Standard size Blank Cartomizers. Learn More
  3. Chocolate - Cartomizer (5pk)

    Chocolate - Cartomizer (5pk)

    Our velvety smooth Chocolate flavor tastes like a warm cup of cocoa. A sweetened chocolate flavor that will satisfy cravings for chocolatey goodness! FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Chocolate Learn More
  4. Cappuccino - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Cappuccino - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Cappuccino has the distinct taste of the coffee bean flavor smoothed over with the faint but definitive warmth of the steamed milk foam we love to savor in our everyday Cappucino. It's the perfect wake-up call in the morning, or relaxant after-dinner vape. This juice is so unique and delicious that it deserves its own special occasions for sitting back and enjoying it. FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Cappuccino Learn More
  5. Classic Grape - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Classic Grape - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Forget those tame grape flavors you're used to. This one packs a punch! Classic Grape is deliciously sweet while at the same time displaying a rich depth. One puff and you'll know why it's a classic. FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Classic Grape Learn More
  6. Country - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Country - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Our most Popular American tobacco Blend Flavor, the standard in tobacco flavors. Country is a straight up American tobacco flavor without any nonsense. A robust and full bodied blend, Country is sure to knock your boots off with it's authentic taste and smooth throat hit. Enjoy clouds of vapor as you discover the true country flavor of our classic American tobacco blend. FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Country Learn More
  7. Desert Joe - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Desert Joe - Cartomizers (5pk)

    A favorite among Volt users, Desert Joe is our rich Turkish tobacco blend. It is a smokey tobacco mixed with sweet tobacco. This blend creates a complex tobacco flavor experience that is decadent at first, and finishes with fantastic wood notes. This flavor's throat hit is very smooth, but satisfying, and will leave you wanting more. Try out this great tobacco flavor that you will fall in love with. FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Desert Joe Learn More
  8. Freedom Tobacco - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Freedom Tobacco - Cartomizers (5pk)

    We the People of Smokeless Image, in Order to form a more perfect Flavor, establish FREEDOM, to insure vaping Tranquility by providing a Smoky yet Smooth taste, one that emulates a traditional tobacco cigarette, and secures the Blessings of Liberty, do ordain and establish this flavor for the FREEDOM of vapors everywhere. You will find some great citrus undertones and butter notes. FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Freedom Tobacco Learn More
  9. Grape - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Grape - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Much like our other flavors, New Grape is an absolute delight. The flavor is unmistakably PURPLE; bright and sweet, with a satisfying sour grape burst in each mouthful. The name may say "New" but the flavor itself is an instant classic, one that you will definitely find yourself returning to. FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Grape Learn More
  10. Ice Menthol - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Ice Menthol - Cartomizers (5pk)

    When you are looking for that nice fresh and crisp menthol vape, this is flavor for you! A perfect mixture of menthol, a touch of sweet and an undertone of tobacco. It’s not only about a nice flavor suggestive of well-known menthol cigarette brands, Ice Menthol is a delicious, cooling, familiar tobacco taste with a nice menthol punch. FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Ice Menthol Learn More
  11. Menthol Burst - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Menthol Burst - Cartomizers (5pk)

    When you are looking for that nice fresh and crisp menthol vape, this is flavor for you! A true menthol flavor, not a tobacco menthol or mint. It is a burst of menthol that stays with you long after your exhale. It is cool and refreshing without being harsh, like jumping into a cool lake on a hot summer day. FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Menthol Burst Learn More
  12. Mint - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Mint - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Cool, clean and refreshing. Try our delicious Mint flavor it will leave your mouth feeling cool and clean with out that menthol taste (This is a not a menthol). Forget the rest, try the best Mint there is. Your mouth will thank you. FIVE Different flavored Cartomizers - Mint Learn More
  13. RY4 - Cartomizers (5pk)

    RY4 - Cartomizers (5pk)

    A unique caramel infused tobacco flavor that will keep calling you back. This flavor will knock you back and make you close your eyes, and it will taste like a delicious dessert. Its warm, nutty flavor will remind you of walnuts bathed in caramel. It has a wonderful throat hit, but doesn't overpower the palate. Then on the exhale, you get a hint of sweet tobacco. There are so many layers to this flavor, and will keep you going all day! FIVE Volt Cartomizers - RY4 Learn More
  14. Vanilla - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Vanilla - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Our Vanilla flavor is amazingly complex and evolves the more you taste it. It starts thick and sweet, like a spoonful of melted french vanilla ice cream. The more time you spend with it, the better it gets. It slowly changes into a flavor much like a perfectly toasted marshmallow from a camping trip. This flavor is satisfying enough to replace dessert in your life. FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Vanilla Learn More
  15. Watermelon - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Watermelon - Cartomizers (5pk)

    Think picnics, summertime and warm, sunny days. Our Watermelon flavor is just the thing to put you in the mood for rope swings, jumping into lakes and applying lip gloss liberally. Sweet and fruity, our Watermelon is a big pleaser! FIVE Volt Cartomizers - Watermelon Learn More