Overview of the Points System

In an effort to reward you for being a great customer, we've enabled the Points ↦ Rewards Program.

This program allows you to earn points that can be used to reduce the shopping cart's total and save you money on purchases. Points can not be redeemed for actual cash but instead are used to offer greater discounts.

For every $4 that you spend you will earn 1 point. Every 5 points earned will equal $1 off a future purchase. When you have earned at least 5 points you will be able to redeem them on the Shopping Cart Page.

These Terms have been updated as of 2/20/2010

How to check your points

To earn points you must have a registered an account. Once logged in you will see a screen to the right that will let you know how many points you presently have. It will look similar to the image below, but the points will vary based upon how many you have earned.


How to spend your points

Once you have accumulated at least 5 points, you can spend them by visiting the Cart Screen. By default, when you add a product you are redirected to this screen.

You will see the Points Slider here you can adjust the slider to determine how many points to spend. The slider will adjust and for every tick will spend 5 points.

As you move the slider, your total will adjust showing you how many points you have spent and updating the total.

The Maximize my discount with points check-box, when selected, will use as many points as you have or if you have more points than the Sub Total will deduct as many points until the subtotal reaches $0.00 . For instance if you have a 50 points and a grand total of $7.00, checking this box will spend up to 35 points which will remove $7.00.

Please Note

Volt Point discounts cannot be stacked with other shopping cart discounts. Such as coupon codes. Volt Points cannot be earned on orders that Volt Points are being spent on.