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"I love my Volt from Smokeless Image! I own other e cigarettes, but this one is different... No messy tank to leak even though the company promises it won't. No fooling around with multiple sets of parts. No messing with modifications and filler replacement. Just two reliable parts, screw it together and go! The most work you'll have to do is putting in a few drops of your favorite e-liquid once in awhile. (Or if you're like me and you like to vape a lot, a few times per day!) This thing is a beast, it keeps vaping and vaping and vaping, with great vapor production nonstop. I have owned my Volt kit for over a month now, and the batteries and original cartomizers are STILL going! I use it in the car, at work, in bed watching movies, at the computer, on bike rides, and most importantly around everyone I know. No more smelly, poisonous smoke to pollute myself and the air around me! This device is not only a life changer, but a life-enhancer. Don't take my word for it though. Get your own and you won't be sorry!"


"I ordered my first product (The Basic Starter Kit) about three weeks ago with the 78mm auto Volt. I had previously tried gas station brand e-cigs and was ready to give up until I did some research online and found the many glowing reviews of Smokeless Image. I'm so glad that I did! I have since ordered a few different products to try out...The shipping has been extremely fast every time with no problems, although I have heard that Smokeless Image has excellent customer service should the need arise. I highly recommend their products to anyone who has tried other brands, the flavors and battery life are amazing compared to the others! Take this from someone who did A LOT of research! "


"I cannot thank SI enough. My VOLT kit was a life changer... I was curious about e-cigs so I started browsing. I heard great things about the VOLT and after two months of research decided to give it a try. I still find it hard to believe I found something that could give me the satisfaction that cigarettes did (even more so). I feel so much better and my kids love that I stink no longer. I feel like I have a new lease on life, as well as potential others, because public use of my VOLT has allowed me to catch the attention of strangers and share my experience. I really cannot express my gratitude for this product. It functions beyond any expectations I had and gives me everything I need. The selection of accessories is awesome and customer service will never be matched. I look forward to picking it up every time I use it, and then I don't want to put it down. Stock up on juice, because you are going to want to use this, trust me."


"...Love it, love it! Smokeless Image not only has good products - my little black 78s are power horses, they last quite a few hours every charge - they make it easy for newbies to get started. The web site is simple and understandable. I love the how-to videos - those, along with the good reviews I read on this and other sites - persuaded me to get that first (very affordable) starter kit. I loved my volt right from the beginning. I had tried a few other e-cigs before volts and wasn't impressed. With the volt starter kit it was different. Batteries lasted long, wasn't always having to charge it, cartridge good vapor and taste. I was and still am a happy customer. The few problems I did run into was taken care of right away. Good customer service..."


"I was very skeptical to try an e-cig because I have bought gas station versions before, but they never impressed me enough to use them consistently. Recently, my friend ordered a volt, so I gave it a try and found that it was actually quite satisfying. I decided I would give this product a try and it was the best decision I've ever made! GET THE VOLT! IT WORKS!"

"...I stumbled onto Smokeless Image and their product purely by chance. I searched Google for highest rated e-cig brands and came onto SI among other brands. From the other user reviews SI held my attention and I decided to give it a go. Not wanting to invest more than I needed to in something that I wasn't sure worked, I got myself a Basic Starter Kit with the Stronger Sampler - Cartomizers. To my surprise, I received the item in what seemed like lightning quick speed (2days) and the product not only worked as advertised but tasted great as well. I was definitely blown away. To this day, I've been analog free for 1 month, 2 weeks and 1 day with no thoughts of ever going back. I want to thank Smokeless Image and their staff for their excellent service. You guys have been nothing but great."


"I started my vaping with one of those "gas station" brands, and while I had a very good experience with it, I realized after some research that there were a lot of options for flavors and styles of equipment that were not available to me with that setup. I was enjoying vaping so much that I wanted to expand my joy further, so I researched some more and came across lots of very positive reviews for Smokeless Image and its Volt brand. It looked similar to what I had so it wouldn't be something new to have to learn how to use (there are some really nice instructional videos on their website that would have helped if I hadn't already been familiar with e-cig use). I ordered a starter kit and a few days later it arrived ( wow, fast shipping, feeling good about this!) Opened the packaging and the equipment looked great, very high quality. After placing the batteries on the charger (only needed a few minutes as they were almost fully charged already) I put on a cartridge (cartomizer) and tried a puff, wow is all I can say! The flavor was amazing and the vapor output was great. Money well spent, I feel very good about buying the Volt and know I will continue to enjoy vaping for a long time.

Thank You Smokeless Image and Volt! ."


"Smokeless Image is the second company that I found after researching on the Internet. After being ripped off by the first one for a $125 starter kit I had read a lot on the forums about Volts and the excellent customer service at Smokeless Image. I decided to give them a try. It was the best decision I've ever made. The products are all wonderful and we anxiously wait for each new item to arrive. SI isn't just an Internet business. They have a face and a personal commitment to taking care of their customers. They also ask for and listen to our suggestions! There just isn't another company that can match the quality and the customer service that I have received from Smokeless Image."


"Hi. I have been raving Smokeless Image and I haven't even had it a week. I received 2 starter kits, Smooth and Sweet Sampler, CE3 cartomizers, and 30ml of RY4 18mg for my wife and I in 2 days (Ordered Sept. 20 and received Sept.22). So last night I ordered 2 X2 650mah Batteries and another pack of CE3 cartomizers. Its only been 3.5 days no analogs and I know now that I am done with those nasty smelling things. The Volt is the way to go. With all the flavors and combinations we will have fun trying them out. We are so happy with everything. Customer service is fantastic. They DO pickup the phone if you have a question or concerns. The wife will be posting her opinion (which is good) when she can.Thanks and you got a customers for life. "


"The X2 battery is the first e-cig product I have purchased and been completely satisfied! First with the performance and then with the design. I also decided to try the CE3 cartomizers and was again thrilled with the performance and consistency. My husband and I have not touched an analog cigarette in 8 weeks! With so many options available to e-cig customers I am very glad we found Smokeless Image early in our hunt for excellent products and have been very impressed with the above and beyond service, products and included accessories with the batteries and cartomizers. "


"Lovin my Volt X2 with Volt CE3 cartos!! By far the best ecig solution Ive found out of the many cartos and batteries we have tried"..." My 900mAh Volt X2 lasts over a 24 hour period consistently, my wife has the 650mAh Volt X2 and gets at least 2 days of solid vaping (she smokes a bit less than me) and I can plug it into my PC, wall outlet or car usb connection so I never have downtime or need for a 2nd battery. The CE3 cartos ... well ... perfection! Full flavor vapor, just the right throat hit, no leaks into the battery or mouthpiece and with the proper care, one carto can last weeks."..."Smokeless Image is the only place for our ecigs and ecig accessories."


"A year ago, I gave e-cigs a shot with a cheap model I picked up at a local tobacco shop. In less than a week, I was back on cigarettes. Recently, my friend brought over his Volt. It definitely looked different, and I was amazed at how well it performed. A month ago, I picked up a couple X2 batteries, and I was sold. I haven't had a cigarette since; my X2 is so much better. Thanks for a great product, Smokeless Image!"

"...I looked at this new thing in my hand at first as if it were something quite alien to me ... surely this wouldn't be the answer... it's so simple.... so I used it ... eyes wide I puffed and puffed and immediatley went home and did my research... so many brands and styles VV ego what those all seemed more foreign than this simple little device in my hand... wait whats that ... the computer screen flickered slightly as my computer whirrred and hummed to life loading yet another new page... Volt... thats a cool name... smokeless image hmm... oh wow these are stick batteries... not to much unlike a cig.... DUDE they have purple... and PINK.... diamond end caps... the love affair of the past few months had begun... and with joyous glee I ordered my volts... I haven't bought a batt from a difff supplier and won't... the quality and efficiency of what smokeless image offers is exactly what I was looking for... "


"..No more ashes, no more smelly clothes and breath. My X2 has become my best bud. It's reliable, lasts me a long time in between charges and provides me a consistent vape right to the end. Props to the folks at Smokeless Image for always being there to answer my questions and guide me through my purchases. They spend time to make sure they put out a quality product like the X2 and it shows. "


"My daughter's boyfriend received a Volt Kit a year ago for his birthday, he has since graduated to two auto X2's which he uses exclusively. Years ago I tried the NJoys and unfortunately they did nothing for I took the plunge and decided to order a Volt Kit - got two 78mm autos and a pack of cartos - and my first impression "WOW." I received my kit on 8/30/12 at about 10AM, that was also the day I smoked the last analog (had four in a pack and an unopened pack.) From that day I never felt the urge to smoke a stinky since.

The quality of the Volt is amazing, even the 78mm seem to last forever. The daughter's boyfriend even lent me the two 65mm auto's he got with his first kit a year ago and those two are being used by me on a daily basis. That puts the quality of these batteries into perspective for me, since I know for a fact how he draws and vapes using his X2's. Since my first package on 8/30/12, I have placed numerous orders. I now have two 900mah X2's, one auto silver and one manual rainbow, awaiting the arrival of my 650mah raspberry. I really have no desire to extend my collection to VV's etc., (I'm old and kinda stuck in my ways, if'n it ain't broke why fix it kinda mentality.) so I see my relationship with Smokeless Image being a long one. I have ordered the CE3's and LOVE them, I have a Nano that after a few trials and errors is working perfectly now, and I want to order some of the clearomizers when they come in. I also would like to add that of all of the juices I have tried, I can honestly state that I like all of them. I ordered samplers of everything except the Menthol flavors, and they are all good IMHO. Of the two pv's I have going right now, Desert Joe is in one and Grape in the other!

In summary, I love the simplicity and quality of Smokeless Image and the products they offer...and anyone I meet who is interested in quality products will definately be directed to SI."


"I've been using my Volt X2 passthrough with CE3 Cartomizer for three days now. the battery life is incredible, i've only had to charge it once. the draw is amazing, delivering clouds of vapour without having to pull and pull on the tip. the bottom coil arrangement delivers consistent, sustained vapour on every puff, from full to empty, and lasts for a long time, making it an excellent pairing for the x2 battery... "


"Got my Smokeless Image Volt last week and loving it! It produces the right amount of vapor to feel like the real thing. I look all the flavors in the sample pack, will cowboy being my favorite. I also got a bottle of menthol burst which I am enjoying. The shipping is quick and customer service is great!..try Smokeless Image Volt and dont waste time or money on different products! "


"Glad I found Smokeless Image! This kit I ordered fits the bill! Got the Pro Starter kit, and ordered extra stuff to start off such as an extra pack of xl cartos, a 30ml bottle of liquid, a car charger, and a wall charger. The mega case has been great and these things last me a good length of time too! Very glad I decided on Smokeless Image and the Volt! Already recommended this to several people after just one week. "


"I'm so glad that I found Smokeless Image... I got my package on Thursday. This company has the best products to get the job done and are very satisfying too...I can't wait till I order again and get some new items. Thanks to Smokeless Image and the Volt "


"I am a totally satisfied Smokeless Image customer...Their products work great, flavors are awesome, and shipping is very fast. I love this company and hope they are here for a long time to come! "


"Just got my Smokeless Image Volt, its very easy and effective compared to other Ecigs... I also bought the Nano Clearomizer which i love, it makes it so easy to refill with out making a mess, i can also try other E liquids easier without having a bad flavor or empty cartomizers laying around, for example i can go from grape liquid to Pumpkin Pie with a simple rinse. Definitely keeping this device on hand. Thanks Smokeless Image for an Awesome product"


"Just received my Standard Starter kit in the mail today, can't wait to try them out tonight. Smokeless Image's customer service has been great so far...Tried the kit out last night. Absolutely love it. Everything works great. Freedom is very nice. Now I just want to order more stuff from SI. "


"..The first ecig I tried was one of the cheapy ones you find at gas stations and it was terrible. My husband got to know Smokeless Image products through his best friend. So, after playing with his and watching him fill it I tried it. How much better could it be? Simple, easy, and works great. I have yet to see anything I prefer over an X2 battery with a clearomizer on it. "


"My son introduced me to the SI Volt and I really love it! It actually smokes like a real cigarette and that was big plus for me. The pricing, shipping, and products are all great. I am very impressed with the amount of vapor that is coming out of this e-cig. I'll be exploring into many more products from SI and I'm sure they will all be as simple and useable as this volt! "


"After a month of buying single-use electronic cigarettes, I decided to look for a more affordable alternative. Online research revealed an overwhelmingly positive opinion of Volt, so I ordered a starter kit. I was quite pleased to see the package arrive within 4 days, and even more pleased when I tried out the new product. Compared to the throw-aways I had been vaping for a month, the Volt consistently provides more satisfying vapes. Furthermore, the Volt will help me save me lot of money compared to the single-use electronic cigarettes. "