1. Cappuccino - 30ML Bottle

    Cappuccino - 30ML Bottle

    Cappuccino has the distinct taste of the coffee bean flavor smoothed over with the faint but definitive warmth of the steamed milk foam we love to savor in our everyday Cappucino. It's the perfect wake-up call in the morning, or relaxant after-dinner vape. This juice is so unique and delicious that it deserves its own special occasions for sitting back and enjoying it. 30ML Bottle of Cappuccino Learn More
  2. Chocolate - 30ML Bottle

    Chocolate - 30ML Bottle

    Our velvety smooth Chocolate flavor tastes like a warm cup of cocoa. A sweetened chocolate flavor that will satisfy cravings for chocolatey goodness! 30ML Bottle of Chocolate Learn More
  3. Mint - 30ML Bottle

    Mint - 30ML Bottle

    Cool, clean and refreshing. Try our delicious Mint flavor it will leave your mouth feeling cool and clean with out that menthol taste (This is a not a menthol). Forget the rest, try the best Mint there is. Your mouth will thank you. 30ML Bottle of Mint Learn More

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  4. Vanilla - 30ML Bottle

    Vanilla - 30ML Bottle

    Our Vanilla flavor is amazingly complex and evolves the more you taste it. It starts thick and sweet, like a spoonful of melted french vanilla ice cream. The more time you spend with it, the better it gets. It slowly changes into a flavor much like a perfectly toasted marshmallow from a camping trip. This flavor is satisfying enough to replace dessert in your life. 30ML Bottle of Vanilla Learn More