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Wall Wart Review by Hal
I use an old NOOK 5.1v - 2a wall wart with this charger. Works great and stays cool. Like John says, the cord is too short - or too long, depending on how you look at it.
The c harger seems well built and reliable. (Posted on 1/7/2015)
Great Charger Review by John
Super fast charger! This thing will charge my 1300 mah volt spinner in less than 3 hours! I love this charger! The only downside is that the length of the charger cord is very short! I wish it were longer! (Posted on 9/18/2013)
Suggest Review by Bryan
...(As an electrician)...Just a note Kevin...The higher mA rating (of the charger) Example a 650 mAh battery or 6.5 would exceed the smaller wall chargers rated .5 (500 mA)(it will work because the Voltages Are Relatively Same),...but will tend to overload / heat the transformer / charger. OK, but in time, not good. Use the higher 1.5 Amp (1,500mA) Wall charger . You can see it exceeds the 650. of the battery being charged. It's all a matter of the current DRAW. Current=Heat, and transformers don't like that over time.(JUST EXCEED THE BATTERY RATING...WITH THE CHAGER...BIGGER CHARGER ALWAYS)
NOTE: All "USBs" ports put out 5 volts...(that's why it's a "UNIVERSAL" STANDARD.) (U.niversal S.erial B.us)...just be mindful of the USBs Current rating. --- For Example: This older computer has USB ports rated for .5 Amps (500mA)....I do not take the risk of charging my 650mAh battes with it...OK in a pinch, but why risk burning up the transformer (however it converts the 5 volts) inside my computer. Most today are rated higher (You can find the rating in your "computers properties"...somewhere.)
I GUESS,..(I have the bigger wall charger "1.5 Amp"& the car adapter) ...gonna use em. (are any batteries higher than 1,500 mAh?) (1.5amps)....Fine then.
THEY JUST DON'T WANT PEOPLE SCREWING IN THE SPINNER CHARGING END INTO THE X-2 (regular) BACKWARDS (in the top 808 theaded part)--- THE SPINNER I GUESS HAS IT'S (bottom cap area) BEING USED FOR THE VARIABLE ADJUSTMENT. SO YOU HAVE TO CHARGE IT THROUGH THERE..Also,...I guess you could charge / thread the tiny volt batteries into the Spinner charger,...but,...probably an extremely FAST / HOT Charge...Careful!...Lithium batts can EXPLODE,...and I mean like a freakin bottle rocket!,...not to mention,...Fast charges only heat up the battery and only warp / short the "plates" (for example). or internal spacing that need to be spaced).(Always go with a trickle charge when possible on "any" battery....BE CAREFUL! (Posted on 6/19/2013)
Which wall-wart to use? Review by Kevin
I was just wondering if anyone knew which wall-wart worked best with this? Any normal USB adapter wall-wart okay or should these be used with the high-powered VOLT X2 wall-wart adapters? (Posted on 1/26/2013)

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