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i love my Joytech Review by Janna
This is probably the fourth one I have bought over the last several years. It is by far my favorite instrument for vaping I find I get a very satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience every time I use it. I highly recommend it.

Janna (Posted on 8/14/2018)
Pretty good Review by Brian
Great, with a couple flaws... The button should be recessed and/or harder to push. It gets pushed in your pocket. The glass is very thin and a drop will break it. That said, this is a great little all-in-one... Cheap enough to go through one or two a year as the batteries do fade eventually. (Posted on 12/2/2017)
GREAT VAPE Review by Steve
I've been using my new Joyetech for at least a week now. Although it's really a great device with excellent vape hit, producing a thick cloud and good taste, easy to use, priced very reasonably, and comes with everything ya need, even the charging cable.........there is 1 WARNING everyone needs to be made aware of, that is not mentioned in the instructions included & isn't even mentioned on the main website from the manufacturer. And that is the following: AFTER FIRST SETTING UP, REPLACING A COIL, OR EVEN REFILLING WITH E-LIQUID, YOU MUST PUSH DOWN FIRMLY AS YOU SCREW THE CAP BACK ON, OR OTHERWISE, THE CAP CAN COME LOOSE AND POUR ALL OF YOUR E-JUICE OUT. This has happened to me twice, until I called Smokeless Image & spoke with Hillary. I thought the threads on the cap were stripped. She explained it to me, and now I'm good to go. ( great customer service, as always ) Please note, when screwing the cap back on, even when pushing down, the cap never "tightens up to where it stops turning" like most screw-on devices would. THIS IS NORMAL. Making sure you have the cap secured properly is easy, simply try to unscrew it WITHOUT pushing down ( child safety feature ).......if the cap unscrews WITHOUT pushing down, YOU DO NOT HAVE IT SCREWED ON SECURELY, SO PUSH DOWN AS YOU RE-TIGHTEN. ( remember, it never tightens to a stop ) If you CAN'T unscrew the cap WITHOUT pushing down at the same time, you are good to go. I just wish they would include this important information in the instructions, and I hate to see anyone wrongfully conclude this is a bad product. GREAT PRODUCT, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I will be buying a couple more for back ups. (Posted on 8/14/2017)
Very good Review by Christian
I worked at a vape shop, and have been vaping for about 4 years. This is certainly the best device i have purchased. It is extremely simple to use, has no settings (other than changing the LED color), and only one button. It has never leaked on me, although there is sometimes a gurgle after refilling. This goes away quickly.

(Posted on 5/23/2017)
Decent Vape Review by brett
Been using this ego AIO for about 3 days now. Not bad. Compact, holds a decent amount of juice, really good, consistent vape cloud, easy to setup and use. Must prime the coil with at least 5 drops of juice(I use about 10 drops and let stand for 5 minutes) before first use and after installing a new coil. Max fill level marking on device is very, very hard to see. Airflow adjustment doesn't seem to have any effect, same hit no matter what setting you have it at, but it's a good hit none the less. Fits my shirt pocket nicely, but because of the cylindrical design, you really cannot use a lanyard with it, it will just slip off. All in all, I like it and would recommend it. (Posted on 6/10/2016)

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