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Best True Tobacco Flavor ***** 5 Stars Review by David
Ae all of these reviews seem to be really old, so here's a straight, to the point, review.
The 'Country' eLiquid not only has the closest flavor to an actual cigarette, but it doesn't have any sweet taste or any (and I mean ANY) odor. These last two things are extremely important if you're trying to 'sneak a smoke' at work without anyone noticing.
Nowadays these eLiquids have to taste like 15 different things and they have a strong odor to go with it. I just want something to replace the cigarette I had to give up!
My only negative, is that SI can't keep it in stock...probably because it really tastes like a real cigarette.(555 & Desert Joe can't match up to Cowboy!!!)
So I give 'Country' eLiquid--and SI's customer service--5 Stars!!! (Posted on 8/15/2018)
IMO... Not too bad... Review by Jim
IMO... Not bad, but not great great... However, cowboy / country is very close to the real deal. If SI discontinued their ??? flavor I would surly stock up on this one for it's true tobacco taste. Hardly any sweetness. it has a very, very subtle raisin, maybe honey kind of nutty sweetness going on way in the background if anything, just like a real Pall Mall or Winston. And just like most SI's e liquids... nice throat hit, decent vapor. Overall. It's not my go to vape but I do like it for a change up. It does mix well with other flavors, I like it straight up out the bottle or with a squirt of SI's Chocolate flavor. Nice! I give it a four and a half star rating out of five. and you may just give it an overall ten star. (Posted on 9/16/2013)
Not great, but not terrible. Review by kgs-wy
I received this in one of the "Smooth Sampler" 24mg blister packs. Packaging was good, it kept the cartos separated well so the flavors didn't mingle.

It's honestly not too bad, but I didn't really get anything off of this. It has a decent, if subdued, American cigarette flavor, but it was, to my palette, quite, well, average. The flavor, however, did last from initial taste through to the finish. Mouthfeel, however, was good, with acceptable vapor.

Smell was, again, very 'American', and again, very subdued.

Overall, it was alright. (Posted on 8/11/2013)
Don't like this one Review by Peter
I really love smokeless image. Customer service is great. Delivery is amazingly fast....I mean REALLY fast!! The juices are good quality and very flavorful, but I hate to say I just don't like the flavor of this one. It tastes like one of those cheap disposable ecigs like Njoy or cigarex.

Now, if you like Njoy ecigs this is your flavor! (Posted on 6/28/2013)
My favorite Review by Sergey
I get tired of other flavors but this is my favorite that never gets old. In my opinion this is the closest thing you will get to the real cigarette. Reminds me of Marlboro reds with that harsh throat hit and smooth tobacco flavor. I highly recommend this flavor to everyone. (Posted on 6/14/2013)
Cocoa tobacco Review by spaceballsrules
Slightly sweet and slightly earthy. Hints of nut underneath cocoa and tobacco overtones. The flavor is light in my opinion, but this may good for those looking a smooth vape. (Posted on 4/27/2013)
meh Review by Raymond
Most Disappointing Flavor Ever. tried this in both the nanomizers and the cartridges. In Both is just tastes like chemicals. There is no real flavor to this one. and it has a very harsh throat hit, so bad it makes me cough on occasion ... Wish i had not purchased a 30ml bottle of it prior to trying it. Had a friend try it also, he was just as disappointed with it. ** Don't Waste Your $$ On This One.** (Posted on 4/25/2013)
love this flavor! Its MY favorite!! BUT... Review by Teri-Lynn
I am so very happy w/my Volt ECig-all the other brands I tried cannot even compare!Thanks Steeljan for your old original(Youtube)review!!This flavor is my personal favorite; ... this is the one for you!! I give it TWO VERY ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP--BUT I also use the Extra Strong/Extra High 24 mg strength,&the last two times I went to the site to order,that strength has nor been available.I guess I'll have to try the 555, and see what I for THAT review! Thanks (Posted on 4/21/2013)
Not a fan. Review by Christopher
I like the throat hit but it tastes like one of those njoy disposables I bought on a desperate weekend. (Posted on 3/25/2013)
STOCK Review by Joseph
I have to agree on the taste of this juice ,it's really good.
I mix 50/50 with desert Joe and its perfect for me.
The procurement department must reevaluate their stock-up orders.
Since I became a customer in September or so,they been out of stock on these products 3 times..
I'm doing my best not to go elsewhere for my supply.
Customer service is also very good, but have their hands tied when there is no product to sell, this must be hard on their cash Flo.. (Posted on 3/12/2013)

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