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want to stick to freedom Review by carolyn s
i like it (Posted on 6/29/2018)
Still my favorite eLiquid Review by Jerry
I've been vaping smokelessimage's Freedom for about the past 4 years and still crave it. It is difficult to pin down a taste with which to compare - it is unique. Of course it doesn't taste like burning tobacco (thank God'!) but I must agree with others who feel it has a slight menthol quality with I enjoy. Since taste is totally subjective the only way to know is to try it yourself! (Posted on 7/23/2015)
Menthol to me Review by Zorn
Menthol overpowers any tobacco flavor to me. My "all day" is Desert Joe. (Posted on 3/17/2015)
My fave all day vape Review by HollyDolly
After using this superb e liquid for over a year I can still say this is one of only 2 liquids I can claim as an all day vape. Smooth light tobacco flavor.... This flavor is great as is but i also use it as a base for the many liquids I have purchased that are just too sweet or powerful. Mix with cinnamon, rootbeer, vanilla, grape, coffee.....the result is always a better flavor for these juices when added to Freedom, or my only other all day vape, SI's very own Ry 4. Best Ry 4 I have tried....hands down. (Posted on 10/18/2014)
Surprising, jury's still out for me. Review by kgs-wy
I received this in one of the "Smooth Sampler" 24mg blister packs. Packaging was good, it kept the cartos separated well so the flavors didn't mingle.

This one was a bit tough for me to pin down. The initial flavor was quite similar to the Country flavor, but much stronger. This was followed about a quarter of the way through a full draw by a slight and very brief herbiness, which was followed immediately and finished by a noticeable, but quite subtle menthol. Flavor, to use real cigarettes for a meter stick, was like taking a Marlboro Ultra Light, cutting it about 70/30 with a Marlboro smooth. Mouthfeel was dry, but pleasantly so, and a touch cool.

Vapor production was decent, but lacking compared to some other flavors.

Smell was that of Country, with a hint of menthol.

Overall, still trying to decide if I like it or not, but my initial opinion is that it's alright. I will probably buy a five pack of cartos in the future to further explore the flavor. However, I will say that If you don't want to take the full plunge into menthol flavors -- but want to have a taste of it -- this one would be good to at least try in a cartomizer five pack. (Posted on 8/11/2013)
Almost menthol Review by Peter
I'm not sure about this one. Is it mentholated? If it isn't there is certainly something about it that give it a menthol-like quality that I wasn't fond of. (Posted on 6/28/2013)
Sweet with a little cool Review by spaceballsrules
I definitely get a spun sugar cotton candy flavor, maybe even kettle corn, and it finishes with a light kiss of menthol. Very tasty, and I would be happy to vape this throughout the day. (Posted on 4/27/2013)
My favorite eLiquid for the past 3 plus years Review by Jerry
FreedomĀ® delivers a unique experience by providing a smoky yet smooth taste - slightly sweet with hints of butter and nuts. If this eLiquid did not exist, I would probably give up vaping ;-) (Posted on 4/18/2013)
Really Awful Review by Bad Co.
I do not know what 3 week old sweaty socks taste like but I am sure it would be better than this stuff. Absolutely the worst E-Liquid I have ever tried and I have tasted some really bad ones. (Posted on 4/10/2013)
No thanks. Review by Christopher
Good throat hit but taste like the steam from freshly cooked white rice. (Posted on 3/25/2013)

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