Freedom Tobacco - Cartomizers (5pk)

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Unfortunately tastes like a wet smelly sponge Review by Teddy
This is one of my least favourite flavours.. the throat hit is intense which i DO like but it feels artificial as if it comes from some sort of cooling mist/menthol that has been snuck in there.. and the actual flavour itself reminds me very much of when a sponge has been sitting there wet for a while and starts to smell pungent. This one is a no go for me sorry. (Posted on 6/3/2015)
Freedom will catch you off guard Review by jvapes
Freedom is the most unique flavor out of the smooth sampler. It's got a deep, tobacco undertone, but no where in the review does it mention the menthol hit that will knock you back on your heels (read make you gag after vaping a lung full your first time trying it), so be careful when venturing into this territory.
(Posted on 6/20/2013)
The only one of the sampler I didn't like Review by Joao
I can't say I exactly disliked it, and it did seem to have a real tobacco flavor in a way. It just came off as bland, and not as satisfying/tasty as the other tobacco flavors. (Posted on 3/8/2013)
Odd taste Review by Kevin
I don't see where some people say this tastes like tobacco. I know taste is subjective, but this reminded me of butter and fruity flavored rubbing alcohol. It even had like a weird menthol tingle in my throat when I hit it. And when I first got the Smooth Sampler, the smell of this flavor over-powered everything else. The smell also over-powered all my other flavors when I put this cart in my box of carts. I have to admit, the taste got a bit better after I let it sit for a week, which I assume was from the same effect as letting liquid sit for a week or two to steep, but it's still not that good and still has that throat tingle to it. I enjoy all other VOLT flavors, but this one is just nasty to me.

(On a side note, I hated the chocolate and vanilla flavors when I got my sweet sampler, but they got much better after letting them sit for a week. At first the vanilla tasted nothing like vanilla, but now it's actually quite good. I've heard others say the same thing, so if anyone gets a flavor they don't like, you should try letting it sit for a week or two and come back to it. You'd be surprised how much difference it makes!) (Posted on 11/27/2012)
Delicious Review by Vmoker
Has a distinctive fruity undertone without a harsh & fake tobacco taste. Keeper for me! (Posted on 11/9/2012)
I like Freedom a lot Review by cj
I like Freedom a lot
however I do like the other tobacco flavors also but
I keep coming back to this one (Posted on 9/9/2012)
Gross Review by Michael
This one literally made me gag (Posted on 7/30/2012)
better than cowboyb Review by zachary
Better than cowboy, but still didn't care for it. Desert Joe is. My favorite (Posted on 5/21/2012)
ehhh... Review by zachary
Didn't care f0r this one either.... Desert Joe is much better!!@ (Posted on 5/21/2012)
rotten taste Review by viper
This was the worst of the smooth sampler I bought.
It was distinct from the others in having a rotten taste.
Upon tasting this flavor, I almost had a gag reflex.
(Posted on 4/28/2012)

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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