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Neat Perfection :P Review by SmokelessGen
I must say that anyone with the slider* pcc should get this. The nice techy charging case is great (as far as functionality) but if you have one you'll know the pcc is fairly flimsy for a pocket device. I'd recommend this one surely to keep your case safe, clean, and even just slightly water resistant, although you shouldnt rely on that aspect in any case xD. Supposedly you can use any iPod touch/phone case for this though considering the price this is a nice purchase otherwise. (Posted on 12/31/2012)
Pretty nice, but... Review by Michael
Looks nice, good quality and excellent price. However, I bought it for my Mega PCC and -- although this may speak more to the quality of that case, rather than this sleeve -- the very tight fit caused it to squeeze the PCC lid which in turn pressed the lid down onto the recharge button. In other words, putting that case into this sleeve makes my charge button stay depressed. It DOES fit on the Mega PCC, and it's actually not that difficult to squeeze the case into this sleeve, but I decided to use it as a pocket sleeve to loosely hold my 65mm auto batteries. Not it's intended purpose, but it's still handy and I don't regret getting it. I think this would better suit the original PCC case, rather than the Mega. (Posted on 9/13/2012)
Multi-purpose - Great bargain! Review by proudlion
This case is not only excellent for the PCC, but also my iPod Touch is a perfect fit! Thanks SmokelessImage for offering this great item at such a reasonable price. (Posted on 1/2/2012)
A Very nice accessory Review by Megan
I bought this along with my PCC. I am very happy that Smokeless Image thought of this product because the PCC is so shiny and pretty that I would hate to scratch or damage it. The only thing is when I first used it it was very tight around the PCC to the point it was hard to put in the PCC and remove it, but I was told by someone else who owns the PCC Sleeve that it will loosen a bit with time. I like the material it is made out of and also the Volt Logo on the sleeve. I am happy with this product. (Posted on 12/30/2011)
Perfect accessory Review by rjwoes
The sleeve fits perfectly and it is so soft and feels nice to the touch. I would recommend it to anybody who has the slider pcc. It's simply fantastic. (Posted on 12/28/2011)

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