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Volt MVP - 2600mAh Kit

Volt MVP - 2600mAh Kit

Product Review (submitted on February 5, 2015):
In one word.... PERFECT... but in more words....

I was one of the crowd who practically begged SI to get a box mod like this, because I knew their version would be superior in quality and performance. SI doesn't mess around, they really, really want to be the best. Not only did they listen to their fans, but they went above and beyond to make sure the MVP was built like a rock. On top of that, it's a portable power source too!!! I'm so happy about this I'm trying to hold back tears. The MVP 2.0 is outstanding, guys. It's the most perfect thing in my collection. I still catch myself admiring it's construction. I really, really do appreciate it's design.

I'm also thrilled about how long the battery lasts (all day for me), and it's easy to operate, it's easy setting the voltage/wattage, and it's ability to check the resistance health of the atomizer coil, which also helps in choosing a proper setting. So big thumbs up there too. All of this makes it a gadget dream come true.

I'm also here to vouch for it's toughness. I'm a clumsy sleepy person, so I tend to drop things. I've dropped it about 9 times already onto a hard wood floor from a distance of around 2 feet. The noise wakes me up, and I'm like "Ohhh Nooo", but I pick it up and it still works perfectly. So thanks for making it tough enough to survive me.

I don't really care for the iClear tanks that came with it (not compatible with my habits), but I'll use them anyway until I burn them out. But, the T3 tanks work fantastic on it, so I'm really happy about that.

... and I have to ask this... What's your next big project SI? Whatever it is, it's got to be good coming from you guys.