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Want to get off to the best start with electronic cigarettes?
Our Volt Basic Starter Kit offers the best of everything.
Includes everything you need to get off to a great start.

ONE rechargeable lithium ion batteries
FIVE Filter Tips in selected Flavor and Strength.
ONE USB Charger
THREE Month Warranty!
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Want to get off to the best start with electronic cigarettes? Our Volt Basic Starter Kit offers the best of everything. Includes everything you need to get off to a great start. ONE rechargeable lithium ion batteries FIVE Filter Tips in selected Flavor and Strength. ONE USB Charger THREE Month Warranty! Battery: 300 charging cycles Regulated 3.6 volts 7 second cutoff time Logo VOLT Battery width 9mm Silver threading Cartomizers: 1ml e-liquid capacity Soft end cap 35.5mm length 9mm width Silver Threading Polyfill interior 2.8 ohms approximately USB Charger: 5 volts (DC) Output Voltage: 5 volts (DC) Input Current: 500 mA Output Current: 150 mA USB Charger Length:47 mm USB Charger Width:19 mm Volt Instruction Manual: Click Here! All of our autos are "sealed/drip resistant automatics" (Smokeless Image was the innovator of this technology). The differences as outlined in the video above between the VOLT Sealed Automatics and the VOLT Manual batteries are as follows: VOLT Sealed Automatics: You just have to inhale to get vapor. They are resistant to nicquid (eliquid) getting inside but are not eliquid proof. VOLT Manual Batteries: You have to press a button to get vapor but they are completely nicquid (eliquid) proof. The determining factor of which battery is best for you is if you plan on refilling your carotmizers or not, and what amount of caution you want to take when you do. Nicquid (e-liquid) in a battery will void the warranty. Cleaning and maintenance of your VOLT batteries is VERY important to keep your VOLT like new! Here is a demonstration video of proper VOLT battery care:

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excellent kit great price Review by GunH
The basic kit is great if you already have 808 devices and just need a spare everything by itself spare battery 7.95 spare usb charger 5.95 pack of blanks or prefilled 5.95 but you get all of that with this for 13.95 so its a great deal. If you are needing a full compliment of 808 devices and are just getting started go with the pro or standard kit. But if you just need a spare usb or batt and are already ordering some cartos pick up this kit. (Posted on 11/1/2016)
Everything you need to start off Review by Lani
I first started off shelling out 6 bucks a pop a day with NJOY disposable "ecigs". After figuring out how much money I was wasting I found out about the good folks here at smokeless image and decided to purchase this Volt starter kit. It arrived so quick I was amazed, placed my order on a Friday and it got to me on a Monday. I immediately unpacked it, checked the battery which was already fully charged, placed a cartomizer on it and let a'rip. Pretty good. Nice throat hit, produces a good vapor, and has a real purty purple LED light on the tip every time I take a puff. I'm a satisfied customer and just placed an order for another battery. You guys at smokeless image rule! (Posted on 3/17/2014)
First time Vaper Review by DaveLister
I have only purchased and vaped BLU disposables ONCE. I like the BLU it lot, but at $10 , it just costs WAY too much. I decide to try these because, I had the option to purchase only one single battery (so it was less expensive), AND because I could get a flavor pack with my introductory kit.

Now to the flavors, I guess I expected a little more out of the flavors. I got the sweet pack.

Grape - nice, it's really light, like smoking a light 100
Chocolate - yuck, I don't like it at all, smells/tastes of a chemical mix gone wrong
watermelon - so light I can't taste it at all, and get hardly any vapor off it
vanilla - again just so light, it's ok, but can't really tell what it is
Cherry - I had my highest hopes for cherry, I love cherry everything, it's got a nice smell on the exhale, but super light.

Along with the sweet sampler, I also got the Strong Sampler, and glad I did.

Menthol - LOVE IT, rich, bold flavor
Cappuccino - medium coffee aroma, not bad
Mint - Love it, bold, the mint really hangs out in my nose.
Classic Grape - stronger than sweet grape, I don't care for it, more of a chemical flavor/smell it's going in the trash.
Menthol Burst - is a mix of the menthol and mint. It's very good.

So what I learned was I like the stronger flavors, and good ole Menthol is my favorite flavor. Good purchase, I'm very happy, and I feel it was a good value.

(Posted on 10/1/2013)
Recommended for beginners Review by Dallas
I got the 78mm manual battery. It's been really good to me! I even got some people to order some and they're fans, too! Lasts just about all day, 0 maintenance, no issues. I would say that the carts are iffy. Re-using them is out of the question half the time, as they burn out pretty quick (though I do have a couple that have lasted for a few refills). (Posted on 2/14/2013)
AMAZING Review by Bryson
GREAT starter kit. I LOVE mine. :) (Posted on 12/3/2012)
Great Kit for Newbies like me Review by Steve
Great Kit, low cost solution to get me started. I bought a second battery so I always have a backup when 1 is charging. Both came almost fully charged [light went off within 30 minutes]. Got it with smooth sample pack.... I haven't found one I really like yet, but I couldn't wait to leave a comment.

The only negative is I had to wait anxiously for week for it to arrive. I ordered it last Wednesday afternoon, shipped priority USPS, and it arrived today, Tuesday. (Posted on 10/9/2012)
90/100 but still awesome!!!! Review by chris
almost completely happy. great product and it arrived within 2 days with standard shipping.
nice vapor, great throat hit! and the black battery with purple led looks cool too,
my only issue is one of the two batteries i ordered (78mm) doesnt always work and is very tempermental. I find myself having to really PULL on it to get anything whereas the small battery is no effort at all so im going to have to send that one back for a replacement.
Also, the first two cartomizers had a burnt taste after half an hour of intermittant puffs.
despite this, this company is deffinatly a keeper. will be oredering again without a doubt. (Posted on 9/27/2012)
So Glad I Found This! Review by cheaplyvaluable
This sleek little black cigarette is my new best friend. Now, I can kick back in my favorite chair and actually smoke along with the old movie actors on T.V. I used to be so jealous every time they lit up and I couldn't! The vapor draws in so easily compared to others, and the rubberized feel is indulgent. I ordered a pack of Cowboy with my kit which started out seeming sort of fruity, but now that I am used to it is just mild without a particular note. I can't wait to try my smooth sampler that is heading to my mailbox next! (Posted on 8/10/2012)
shipping info. inaccurate Review by cheaplyvaluable
I ordered the kit and love it so far, but in the FAQ, it says that orders ship out the same day if ordered before 2 p.m. EST. This did not happen on my first or second order. When I contacted customer service both times, they were very courteous ( the first order by phone, the second by email), and my order shipped within an hour of both contacts. If only I would have contacted the second day this time instead of waiting until the third day! Most internet companies offer coupons or discounts if there is a problem such as this. Smokeless image did not. No matter how good a product is, consumers will go elsewhere if refills and parts cannot be shipped in a timely manner, especially when the company states same day shipment and does not follow through.

Smokeless Image Response: We had some shipping problems about 10 days ago and it has been a nightmare playing catch up. We're getting there and even added quite a few new people to help us get through issues like this and to plan for the future :) I apologize for the delay, but this shouldn't be a permanent thing. (Posted on 8/9/2012)
Just awesome! Review by Kristopher
YM first ever ecig kit and by far my favorite I have bought, have bought a few other brands and I always end up letting them sit and using my Volt. The Classic grape cartos are amazign to say the least, I do advise going with a larger kist, else like me you'll be back in a week to pick up a PCC and an extra battery just because of the convienince of the two. I love smokeless image, amazing cutomer service, super fast shipping, high quality ecigs ( the best 808 style I've tried) and the batteries really take a beating. Plus their ejuice flavors are amazign can't decide my favorite am torn between Classic grape, chocolate, watermelon and ice menthol. I'm kind of going off subject lol but if you are just starting out and still unsure whether you wanna go all out in the world of ecigs, I'd strongly recomend this starter kit, hell with 5 free cartridges (Posted on 6/12/2012)

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