NO tar, NO tobacco, Simulated smoke
Smokeless Image electronic cigarettes do NOT contain tobacco, tar, or real smoke. It removes the over 4000 chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes like; formaldehyde, arsenic, acetone and many more. It creates a flavored nicotine vapor that makes a great alternative to smoking.
Save Money!
Smokeless Image's electronic cigarettes when compared to traditional cigarettes are much more cost effective, costing you less than $3 per pack! Savings will vary depending on your state tax.
NO ashes, ashtrays or burn holes. No cigarette butts period. The nicotine vapor dissipates quickly, it does not linger or stain teeth and walls like smoke. There is no more film or soot on furniture or objects.
Feels Just Like Smoking!
Smokeless Image electronic cigarettes not only deliver the nicotine you crave, it fully replicates the smoking experience from the appearance of smoke to the throat hit and physical experience you're accustomed to.
NO Smelly Odors
The vapor is relatively odorless and will not affect your breath, your clothes or the air around you. Become someone people want to sit next to!
Tobacco, Menthol and More!!
Smokeless Image electronic cigarettes come in a variety of great flavors in multiple strengths. We have nicotine levels available in full strength Extra High (24mg/2.4%) stepping down to Zero nicotine (0mg/0.0%) While light cigarettes do not actually decrease nicotine consumption, our lights do.
NO Burning.
Smokeless Image electronic cigarettes do not burn they produce a nicotine vapor or steam, so no more burn holes on your clothing or furniture. No more risk of falling asleep with a lit cigarette in your hand.
No Littering!
No cigarette butts. No ash. No carbon monoxide.
Improved Social Situations!
Family and friends will be so happy you made the switch to Smokeless Image electronic cigarettes. No more going outside in the cold or rain to smoke. Smokeless Image electronic cigarettes removes the stigma of smoking while you are able to enjoy your habit and be around those you love!
Makes your family happy
We know quitting smoking altogether is tough, but switching to Smokeless Image is easy. Your friends and loved ones will be happy to see you give up the smokes.